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What A Young Widow Wants You To Know

What a young widow wants you to know is a great article written by Kerry Phillips, Proud Mom, Lover of Words, PR Executive and Widow Warrior at Huffington Post. This is an article that I completely relate to! Many people place judgement, timelines and expectations for others unnecessarily and often times unknowingly. Loss is hard, its even harder to understand when a young life is taken. I like this article because it is a lot of what I felt and went through. I think people even to this day don’t understand, how would they unless they have gone through it themselves. So if you are a friend or family member of someone who has lost a spouse at any age, understand that the grief process is a very personal one, don’t place expectations or timelines, just be a support through that persons journey and be there. If they don’t want you to be there for them, just send them messages of your support and eventually when they are ready it will be remembered, cherished and likely something that they look back on and appreciate as one of the things that helped them through. The loss of a spouse no matter what age or if you move forward will never be forgotten. The pain will always be there and becomes a part of a widows journey. So understanding that time does not change this is important, time and rebuilding help with healing but there is no replacement and no amount of time that erases the scars of losing someone you truly loved.

Read the Article: What Young Widows Want Family & Friends to Know via @HuffPostBlog

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